The Leading Hand is Part of Your Team

Running a automotive workshop can be a complex and demanding experience. That is why you need The Leading Hand computer program. A powerful system that makes workshop management easy and profitable.

However, brilliant software is just part of the story. Much of The Leading Hand experience involves a relationship between your workshop and The Leading Hand team. It is often called Support.

In our case though, getting Support doesn’t mean contacting a call centre. And when you get in touch you will not be given a support ticket number.

You see, we don’t like call centres and we don’t like being ticket numbers. Our users are part of our family and we think they are worth more than a number. When you talk to The Leading Hand team, you talk to someone who has been actively involved in the development of the program you are using every day.  We eat, sleep and breathe The Leading Hand.

We are always interested in how your business is performing and how The Leading Hand can be used to make that business run better.  Having The Leading Hand in your workshop is a long term relationship that will pay handsomely.

And The Leading Hand is not a program that stands still.  It is constantly being developed.  In fact, there are fourteen major enhancements in the latest minor update!  All designed to help your business be more in control so you can focus on your customers.  We are always updating and upgrading The Leading Hand.  We believe that users who support us deserve the very best.

With The Leading Hand you get a great program and the chance to work with a team that really cares.

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