Aiming for the best

I am writing this from Cologne in Germany where I have been meeting with some of the top computer software brains in the world. I am here because we, at The Leading Hand, are on a quest to develop the best software program for mechanics that we possibly can. This has always been our aim; to offer a program beyond your expectations. And we do it by taking advantage of the best technology has to offer.

You see, your workshop is changing. Much of that change is in the techniques and equipment used to do the work of your workshop. But with that, how you run the business side of your workshop will also change. For those of you who have been running workshops for more than twenty-five years, and perhaps even using The Leading Hand during those twenty-five years, think back to how things were done then and how you are doing them now. Chances are things were quite different.

At The Leading Hand we see our role as helping you to run your workshop as well as possible, with easy invoicing and receipting, building up a long-lasting job history, designing templates for your regular tasks, and making it easy to keep in  touch with your customers; just to mention a few parts of the program. Sure, we are providing a product, but that is of no value unless we are also committed to putting in the effort to get results for you.

As part of our job, we evaluate technology and trends to see if they are genuinely useful or merely hype. Unfortunately, much of the “technology” is nothing more than marketing hype. By using The Leading Hand we can help you avoid many of those expensive pitfalls. And to make sure what we do is benefiting workshops, we discuss this on a daily basis with our wonderful users.

So watch out for more great developments from The Leading Hand that will take your business to the next level.

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