Lessons from Surfing

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon at the beach.  A lovely sunny day, not too hot, and blue rolling waves.  At 4.00pm children arrived with surfboards under their arms and “Surf School” on their rash shirts.

Some sat waiting for the instructor, chatting away; others practised standing and walking the board.

Then the main instructor came along.  He was an old surfer.  His skin and hair showed he’d had a love affair with the beach for long time.  He went over the basics of surfing and reminded them which part of the water they were allowed to surf.

Next he got the kids to practice lying on their boards and then pushing themselves up to stand.

Once that was done, it was time for the water.  Some rushed madly in, others took a bit more care.

In the water were other adults and older teenagers to help. As it was low tide, they could stand quite a long way out and the young surfers who needed steadying were helped to get up on their board and pushed in with the waves.  It was like a dance watching them go in and out.  The instructors cheering them on, helping as needed, refining technique.   And as the afternoon went on you could see their confidence build up and their skills improve.

It was lots of fun watching them.  I stayed until the lesson finished.  (OK and it was lovely sitting in sun!)

Now, you don’t have to have surfing lessons.  Lots of people have taught themselves how to surf and have a great time; even become champions.  That’s not me.  In fact, I’ve never surfed, but if I tried, I’d want someone showing me how to do it.

It can be the same with workshop management software.  Some people can get straight into it, but others like to have a bit of help.  They want a User Guide they can look through; they want an easy to search/easy to follow Help file; and they want to know there is someone they can email or call to ask a particular question or be shown the best way to do a procedure.

They don’t want to have to log in to a waiting list and not be contacted until the next day or so.  Or get an email saying “Tell us about our service” when they haven’t been serviced at all.

They want someone who knows the program really well and who is not part of a group that supports many different types of software.

The Leading Hand provides all of that.

When you buy or rent our workshop management software package we send you a printed User Guide which takes you step by step through the main parts of the program.

The Leading Hand Help file has more information on these, plus other more specialised topics.

Each month we send a Leading Hand Tips & Tricks newsletter.

And when you want to talk to one of us; we are there.  If we are helping another customer at that time, you can leave a message and know we will get back to you.

The Leading Hand Team only work on the Leading Hand.  We are not distracted by various software programs or other demands.

We take a great interest in our customers and want to see them succeed in their business.

If you’d like to find out how The Leading Hand can help your business, send a message from the Contact page.  Our FAQs has helpful information.  Checkout the free online Demo.  And, you can give us a Call.  We’d be happy to talk.

The Leading Hand has been involved in the automotive workshop industry for 25 years, which is proof of our dedication and our ability to keep our product in tune with our customers’ needs.

An Australian surfing website suggests that “for your own safety and to learn how to surf correctly, and therefore have way more fun and success when surfing, go and take surfing lessons.”

Not getting help with Leading Hand should not affect your safety, but to get the best results and success for your business with Leading Hand, it is good to know that there is a team dedicated to supporting you.

And one day, I may take a surfing lesson!

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