When did you last backup your computer?

We’ve been helping a few people this week who have lost their hard drives or had a virus attack.

If needed we can get your Leading Hand set up and running again.  But if you haven’t done a backup for a few weeks – or months – or years(!) the record of your work will be pretty out of date – and we can’t help you there.

The Leading Hand come with its own backup routine, which is quick and simple. All you need is a USB stick.

Another idea is a whole of system backup software. Systems like ShadowProtect and CrashPlan will do automated backups of your hard disks on a regular basis. These can be useful for recovering from a catastrophic disk failure.

What we also do at The Leading Hand is replace the hard disk every two years. The cost of quality hard disks is minimal and is far cheaper and less hassle than having your computer out of action for a week due to a hard disk crash. If you are not into playing computers, get your IT person to do it for you.

If you’ve just read this, run a backup as soon as possible. Five minutes of your time now is much better than hours or days with your business not running.

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