Solve the Workshop-Office Juggle with The Leading Hand

Most automotive workshops start as a family concern, with dad and son on the shop floor and mum or another family member running the office.  Each of them are great at their jobs, but how do they make sure they communicate with each other and their customers and provide professional service?

The solution is to use a computer management program; but even more important is to make sure the one you chose was designed especially for the automotive industry and has a proven track record.

The Leading Hand is that program.  Developed at the request of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers, and released in 1992, the Leading Hand is designed to solve the challenges facing the modern workshop.  With invoicing, receipting, job cards, stock lists, vehicle history and many other functions to help managers maintain control of the business and finances, and keep customers returning by providing truly professional service.

There are particular challenges for an active workshop:

  • An easy to follow Booking system which shows what is happening in the coming weeks, and the mechanics responsible for particular jobs.
  • Setting up service, rego and service item schedules so customers can be advised of work that needs to be done, either when they bring in their vehicle or beforehand through email, SMS or post.
  • Keeping track of many jobs simultaneously without having close down a particular task or vehicle record before creating an Invoice or a Quote.
  • Interfacing with known accounting programs such as Reckon Accounts, MYOB ; saving time for the business with no double entry, and saving money with your accountant because it’s in a system that they know and like.
  • Having vital performance figures about your workshop, such as the average amount spent by your customers each year, the gross margins on products and services with a Business Analysis Pack.
  • Most importantly a workshop needs each member of the business to know what is to be done and when, and for the boss can be assured it is working profitably and focusing on the customer.

The Leading Hand does all this and more.

The Leading Hand is available to rent or buy, and it is easy to progress from to rental to full purchase and single to multi-user licences without losing any data.  It comes with a printed, easy-to-follow User Guide, plus a comprehensive Help File.

And assistance is just phone call away.

The Leading Hand is owned and developed by AMPL Software, a 100% Australian owned company.   We are small and independent and dedicated to understanding and serving our customers, and ensuring our workshop management system is the best on the market.

For more information, contact The Leading Hand to arrange a demonstration, visit , email us at or call 02 9440 0269. See how easy it is to make The Leading Hand part of your team.

The Leading Hand – workshop management made easy!

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