See the work you did 20 years ago

R. & J. Sobey Pty Ltd
Napoleons VIC

Jan and Rob Sobey have been using The Leading Hand for more than 20 years and they would not be without it. Located in country Victoria near Ballarat, R. & J. Sobey Pty Ltd is a diesel engineering business, servicing trucks and heavy vehicles. They have an excellent reputation and many of their clients have been with them since they began in 1990.

In those early days, Sobeys used index cards to store and locate information about the vehicles they serviced. This was fine when the work was only part-time, but as their business grew and the hours available seem to get less, it was becoming impossible to keep up. A computer system was needed. But which one? And would it be easy to use?

So they contacted the IAME about The Leading Hand and attended an information night in Melbourne. After trialling a sample version, they decided this was the system for them. And they have never regretted the decision.

When Sobeys got The Leading Hand, computers were quite new in the workshop industry, but the program was easy to use and support was just a phone call away. They soon became quite adventurous in how they could use the program.

They have the Stock Control option and like how it keeps them on top of stock levels. In country Victoria orders can take longer to be delivered than in the city, so having full shelves is vital.

A part of Leading Hand they love is the Vehicle History. In their case, this goes back more than 20 years. When customers bring up an issue, it is easy to check when work was performed.

They also like being able to record when a service is due. This feature is great, especially as some vehicles are repaired on-site and they can check when an item service is required.

Jan and Rob Sobey provide a great service in country Victoria, and The Leading Hand helps them do this.