The importance of communication

Moores Auto Electrical & Mechanical
Singleton NSW

An important part of running a workshop is communication, between the workshop and the office, and with customers.

Moores Auto Electrical & Mechanical have ten staff, three in the office and the rest in the workshop, and it is vital that each member of the team knows what is happening each day and who is responsible for each task.  And they want to know all they can about their customers so they can give them the best service possible.

The Leading Hand makes this easy.

Each customer record has a Comments field where they can note special facts about them.

Documents and images can be attached to their vehicles so warranty certificates and pictures can be easily opened.

Recording service and rego dates, and when special items need servicing (eg: fan belts, transmission etc) means they provide timely support for their customers, and using the built in email and SMS feature of The Leading Hand remind them it is needed.

The Bookings section is a great central place to find out what is happening.  It shows the customer and vehicle that is coming to be serviced, when it is due, what needs to be done, how long it should take, and who is responsible for the job.  This can be viewed on a particular day or a whole week.

Keeping track of Stock is also important for Moores.  With the Stock Control and Extended Stock Control options they can see what they have got, what they need and where it has gone to. They often do this on a daily basis.

When Moore’s started looking for a workshop management program they wanted one that was industry specific; not just a generic program.  They wanted it to be easy to use and fast.  And for it to be cost effective.  The Leading Hand provided this. As time has gone on, they have realised the program is capable of so much. It can be used in a very simple way, but if you want there is a lot that can be done with it.

The monthly Leading Hand Tips & Tricks Newsletter helps with this. It gives advice on the best way to use certain features of the program and keeps them up to date with enhancements to the program.  And discussing issues and ideas with the Leading Hand tech support is incredibly helpful.

Moores Auto Electrical & Mechanical has grown into a thriving, professional business. (Recently they have updated their company logo and painted up the workshop.)  It’s nice to know The Leading Hand has helped.