Information at your fingertips

Bunbury Batteries & Radiators
Bunbury WA

Anthea Shaw, the office manager and co-owner of Bunbury Batteries & Radiators, believes in “the power of information” and The Leading Hand gives her that.

Bunbury Batteries & Radiators has been servicing Bunbury and its surrounds for more than 60 years. They are well known for their excellent customer service, reliability and for the quality of their workmanship. For many decades, of course, all work was recorded by hand, but as the last few years or so have shown, paper records leave businesses behind the competition and computer management systems are vital.

In 2010 Anthea did a ton of research into the right workshop management program for Bunbury Batteries & Radiators. This included seeing what was recommended by the IAME and talking to a colleague in the automotive industry who at that stage had been using Leading Hand for 10 years. When Anthea saw the simplicity of the interface and how easy Leading Hand is to use, she was won over.

Bunbury Batteries & Radiators specialises in the supply and installation of vehicle batteries and radiators, radiator repairs, air conditioning services and automotive service work for all vehicle makes and models. The Leading Hand can be used with all these parts of the business. Sales are invoiced and recorded. Operation descriptions set the standard staff are expected to work by. Typical parts are entered into stock with comments to show where they can be used. And when Anthea needs to check the work that has been done, she can easily find it, with the detailed information she needs.

Using The Leading Hand to manage Bunbury Batteries & Radiators gives Anthea the control she requires to run her business successfully.