Know what your customers need

Craig’s Auto Repair Services
Wynnum West QLD

Craig Alexander operates a Mobile Mechanical Repair business in the Brisbane area. He has used Leading Hand since 2012. He is thrilled by how Leading Hand makes life easier and helps him give personalised service to his customers.

As Craig makes job cards and invoices, he builds up a record of what has been done, for whom and when, and can then find it very easily. He doesn’t have to search through reams of paperwork. But even more importantly, when he services a customer’s car, he can look at the Vehicle History and make recommendations for other work that may need to be done.

Recording the Registration and Service dates means Craig can get in touch with his customers when it’s time for him to visit.

By building up a knowledge of their vehicles, Craig’s customers can be sure he knows their cars and will give excellent trustworthy service.

By saving Warranty Certificates to a vehicle record, Craig can check any Warranty claims.

Having worked for big companies like Goodyear, K-Mart and Shell, Craig likes how his mobile business gives him the freedom to do as he wants and when, and that by using The Leading Hand he can work out the best solution for his customers.

Craig found The Leading Hand easy to learn, but as time went on realised there was a lot more to the program which he could make use of. He has the MYOB interface which works seamlessly with Leading Hand and means his accounting records are done at the same time (no double entry!). He also has the Stock Control (inventory) option, and really appreciates how the link to Repco ensures he is using the right parts.

By making The Leading Hand part of his mechanic repair business, Craig has the time to spend working on cars and building relationships with his customers which, as he says, means he can earn “more money”.